John H Stuart artist and engineer

Adapting your project to the Vermont landscape and complying with myriad regulations involves considerable time and investment. Knowledge of the applicable regulations combined with good relations with town and state staffs are needed to bring a project to fruition. The construction season is often constrained by poor weather. As such, plans and permits are needed on time and within budget to insure the successful completion of construction. Correctly assessing the desired objective, formulating the appropriate plans and securing all associated permits are critical functions to accomplish the desired goals. John’s forty years of experience will facilitate that process.

Engineering Services Provided

  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Site plan development for residential, commercial and industrial development
  • Soils analysis for wastewater systems
  • Roadway and parking layout and details
  • Water system designs for supply, storage, treatment and distribution
  • Wastewater designs for collection, treatment and disposal
  • Stormwater collection, treatment and disposal (9010, 9015 and 9020 permits)
  • Local subdivision and zoning permits
  • Highway access permits from VAOT
  • Act 250 approvals
  • Small scale hydroelectric projects
  • Aircraft fuel treatment and distribution for fixed-based operations
  • Hydraulics
  • TR-55 land use and runoff analysis
  • FEMA flood certification

John H Stuart engineer and artist

Services Available through Associates

  • Perimeter and contour surveys
  • Wetlands delineations
  • Hydrogeology (water source yield, site wastewater capacity)
  • Landscape architecture